Semiautomatic parking - "Puzzle"

Puzzle - a multilevel independent parking (from 2 to 4 levels), which is possible to compose as an underground, up above ground or combined car parking facility, allowing to park/retrieve the vehicles regardless of the location in the mechanical parking.

The concept of work is based on sequential combination of horizontal and vertical movements of vehicle, parked on the pallet, in the system.

Programmable logic controller allows fixing the specific parking spaces in the system for each owner. Implementing multiple types of protection and safety devices guarantees convenient, safe and secure system. Entry and exit of vehicles is carried out by an access code, magnetic card or a key, individual for each owner, therefore the parking does not require the constant presence of the operator.

The "Puzzle" type parking system is one of the first inventions of the automatic mechanized parking systems developed. For some project, it remains virtually the only way to increase the number of parking spaces.

This type of mechanical parking is recommended for small to medium-size lots. 

Well suited for installations in existing underground parking lots. 
The possibility of stable operation of our equipment at critical temperatures (-30 ... 45C) is a great advantage for outside installation.


 The equipment is certified and complies with all regulations and standards according to:

TUV – CE, ISO 9001:2000, UkrSEPRO and GOST.



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