Turn – Table

Turntable – is a safe, fast and reliable mechanism for turning car on a spot.
Mainly it is used as additional equipment for mechanical and conventional parking, allowing reduce the space required for turning the car, and also significantly facilitates parking procedure in the limited space.

Another option of using it - is to utilize the turntable as an exposition stand for promotional purposes at exhibitions and showrooms.
There are two models available: built-in type (with pit), and without pit.

 Advantages and characteristics:

·    Installation is possible in any place, as inside or outside of a premises, in places where there is a necessity to accelerate, or to facilitate process of rotating a car;

·    Convenient and easy to use;

·    Two operating modes available - manual or automatic;

·     Ability to work at critical temperatures (-30 … +45 C˚).


The equipment is certified and complies with all regulations and standards according to:

TUV – CE, ISO 9001:2000, UkrSEPRO and GOST.




Load-carrying capacity: 


Speed of rotation:

Diameter 4000 mm 

2000 – 3000 kg 

0,75 KW, 380 V

1,6 – 2,6 RPM


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