Car Lift 

Scissor Lift – durable and reliable hydraulic car lift, which easy to operate and safe in use, due to the various mechanical and electronical protection devices.

Scissor Lift – is refers to the dependent parking type.Prominent feature of dependent parking type is that in order to park and retrieve the upper vehicle, you would need to remove the lower car first.

Dependent parking systems are used for fast and relatively inexpensive modernization of existing parking lots allowing increasing the number of parked cars twice.

Application sphere: existing parking of apartment complexes, townhomes, office buildings, hotels, car dealerships etc. It is also a good solution for garages, where the ceiling height is over 3.6 meters, allowing to park two cars – one above the other.


The equipment is certified and complies with all regulations and standards according to:

TUV – CE, ISO 9001:2000, UkrSEPRO and GOST.




Load-carrying capacity: 

Lower level clearance: 


Gross weight:

4000 mm х 2450 mm; 

2500 kg; 

2025 mm (adjustable) 

2.2 KW, 380V 

1200 kg



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