Semiautomatic (Independent) Parking Systems


Just like in fully automatic systems, the parking and retrieval procedure in independent type is performed regardless of the car location in the parking system.
The main difference between automatic and semiautomatic type, is that the pallets, on which vehicles stored, are not located in entering/exiting station, they are the movable storage cells for each vehicle, which are the part of the whole system.

Therefore the driver must drive the vehicle onto the pallet himself.

The operation of parking/retrieval process is controlled by a driver (attendant).

Developing semiautomatic parking systems is suitable for upgrading of existing underground parking spaces, as well as to build an up above small (midsize) car parking.


The equipment is certified and complies with all regulations and standards according to:

TUV – CE, ISO 9001:2000, UkrSEPRO and GOST.


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