Fully Automatic Parking Systems

Developing of modern residential and office buildings is unthinkable without the proper volume of parking places needed for vehicles. Therefore, Multilevel Automatic Parking Systems become "prime necessity", allowing you to save essentially built-up area, which is a very important factor in an ever-growing metropolis. 

Lack of parking space leads to Illegal parking on the city streets, which causing another big problem - traffic jams and accidents, especially in areas with high building density, while the number of vehicles on the city streets is rapidly growing. Compact automatic multilevel parking allows saving from 35 to 50% of the area, comparing to conventional parking, this is simple and modern way to solve this problem. 

In most cases, this type of parking facility does not require the constant presence of staff, as a robotic parking allows parking/retrieval of vehicles in automatic mode. 

The driver park his car, with the engine shut off, in the receiving bay of the parking system, after that vehicle automatically moves on a pallet in the desired cell of the system. 

Developing automatic parking systems is best suitable for the new building construction. These parking systems can be built-in underground parking facility as well as stand-alone structure.


The equipment is certified and complies with all regulations and standards according to:

TUV – CE, ISO 9001:2000, UkrSEPRO and Russian GOST.

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